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Major League Baseball All-Star Darryl Strawberry has triumphed… not only on the baseball diamond, but in life.

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“My brain is broken…”
-Darryl Strawberry

“Don’t Give Up on Me” skillfully weaves Darryl’s story of childhood abuse, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction with easy-to-understand explanations of addiction from trained professionals. Presented through the eyes of a psychoanalyst, neuropsychiatrist, licensed clinical social worker and addiction specialist, this book offers hope and a path to healing.

By shedding the light on addiction, “Don’t Give Up on Me” speaks to all people – from those who are still trapped in the depths of addiction to those who are currently in recovery to caregivers, parents, friends and therapists.

This book also stresses the importance of good parenting – feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, bullying, as well as emotional and physical pain, can sow the seeds of substance abuse at an early age. Whether the addiction is to alcohol, heroin or other opiates, gambling, food or sex, this book shares the hard truths and hopeful messages for anyone impacted by this deadly dilemma.

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"Don't Give Up On Me” is a powerful book delivering the medical, psychological and personal understanding of addiction through Darryl Strawberry's own personal story. This is a MUST read!

Brian Kilmeade
Co-Anchor, Fox and Friends

Darryl Strawberry’s poignant and powerful story is enhanced by experts in the field who educate the reader to the complexities of addiction disease. The story is brilliantly yet honestly told. This is the best book I have read that gives help, compassion and hope to addicts, families and friends, and points to the need for holistic treatment.

Linda Mintle, PhD, Chair, Behavioral Health
Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

No one likes the problems we have in this country with the drug epidemic we are experiencing in the world today. I love Darryl's commitment to helping people have a better understanding of how to do deal with this overwhelming problem of addiction through this must read book.

Brandon Steiner
CEO Steiner Sports

Darryl's passionate book will connect with sufferers of the world-wide drug epidemic. He takes readers into the physical, psychological and emotional nature of addiction while providing hope and encouragement.

Dr. Oz
Host of The Dr. Oz Show

A must read.

I had the opportunity to attend rehab for alcohol dependence at Darryl’s facility in St Cloud, Florida. It truly saved my life. I met Darryl there and also at church where I live in New Concord, Ohio. He is truly an inspiration. I thank God every day ...Read More

With contributions from doctors, scientists, and addiction experts, a perfect complement to The Big Book

Darryl Strawberry was a baseball player for the ages. He could flat out play. But addiction took him down and it took him down hard on a very public stage. And like many formerly addicted celebrities, Darryl is sharing his story. Unlike most tales of ...Read More

A real eye opener. Tragic, powerful & beautiful

I highly recommend this book to all. It has universal lessons for everyone not just addicts. Makes you really appreciate all aspects, good & troubling, portions of ones life.

The reader loved it and found it very encouraging in his journey

Gave as a gift. The reader loved it and found it very encouraging in his journey to recovery.

Awesome read!

Awesome book--awesome man! What a great story he has to tell!

Good read overall

Good read overall. I heard Darryl's interview with Mike Francesa on NY sports radio and found him to be mature, emotional, and well spoken. You have to respect someone who's gone through all that and came out on top in his post-baseball career. ...Read More

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